1-on-1 Consulting Session

For business owners who are writing their own copy

Feeling stuck? Struggling to get business through your website? Have questions Google can’t answer?

I’ll be happy to answer your questions or to go through your website with you during a video call.

For copywriters who’d like a second opinion on their work

Feeling like your copy could be better but not sure what to improve? Need to woo an important client but afraid your work will disappoint?

Let me go through your copy in real time and show you how you can turn those words into a slick and persuasive argument you clients will love.

The tricks you’ll see me apply to your copy will be useful to you not only in your current project but in all your future work.

Get unstuck!

Book a 1-hour session for $250.


Some questions I recently answered:

  • How do I find my unique value proposition?
  • I’m struggling to turn marketing speak into plain language. Any tips on that?
  • How should I present my lead magnet on my website so that I get more subscribers?
  • I know this copy I wrote for a client could be better. But I don’t know how to improve it. Can you help?

Gill Andrews