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Feeling stuck? Struggling to get business through your website? Have questions Google can’t answer?

I’ll be happy to answer your questions or to go through your website with you via Skype.

Some questions I recently answered:

  • How do I find my unique selling point?
  • I’m struggling to turn marketing speak into plain speak. Any tips on that?
  • Where and how should I use the testimonials on my website?
  • How should I present my free eBook on my website so that I get more subscribers?
  • I know my navigation is a mess. How do I make it better?
Madelleine Muller

“More sign-ups within 20 minutes of implementing Gill’s tips”

I was running ads for one of my articles to get more email subscribers, but no one was opting in. I made the changes Gill suggested, and already twenty minutes later I got a small handful of opt-ins. Looking forward to making changes on the rest of my blog posts and seeing the magic happen!

Madelleine Muller, Business Coach, consciouscontent.dk

“Gill immediately found what wasn’t working on my landing page”

I get disorganized and wordy when I write, without being unaware of it. Gill did a live review of a landing page for my course and immediately found what was working and what wasn’t. And she explained it thoroughly in plain, direct language. If you need a no B.S., straight shooting writer with a laser-sharp sense for buying psychology, call Gill asap.

Theodosios Damatos, awakenyourblisswithin.com

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Gill Andrews