Website visitors ignoring your offers? Prospects not recognizing your skills? Let me help.


Hi. I’m Gill Andrews. I turn underperforming small business websites into slick lead-generating machines, and I’m quite direct about that: I won’t sugarcoat it, but I’ll tell you how to fix it.

When I’m not reviewing websites, writing web copy or blogging, you’ll probably find me running after my son or eating chocolate (because writing and running after small children require the energy no salad can provide).

I used to work as a software engineer and a business consultant working with big banks and insurance companies. But after 5 years, it became clear to me that it’s not something that makes me look forward to a new day.

So, I decided to change that.

Animation of Gill typing on a laptop
by talented Marijke van Veldhoven

Now, I help business owners make sure that their websites reflect the true value of their products and services and knock the socks off their prospects. And I look forward to every website review and web copy project knowing that they’ll make a real difference to a real person.

I’m from Germany, Frankfurt, but I speak five languages: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian and Urdu.

In case you’re wondering whether I’m able to talk in coherent sentences despite this language salad, here I’m speaking at CopyCon 2020 – a copywriting conference in the UK (this time online, because… the plague).

Making your website convert is a lot like translating your message into another language

Conveying your message on your website doesn’t work the same ways as in a personal conversation.


  • web copy is your vocabulary,
  • web design is your grammar,
  • and how well you use them together creates a user experience that either drives people away or makes them click the “buy” button.

A copywriter can help you with your web copy, but she’ll miss the clutter on your website that kills your message.

A web designer can make your website look beautiful, but she’ll miss the jargon in your web copy that makes it unreadable.

I look at your website as a whole and see the big picture.

Want to drive more business through your website?

I uncover the issues with your copy, web design and user experience and give you a clear roadmap to a better website – a thorough website critique that explains how to fix the issues that are holding you back.

If you have your own team of specialists, you can let them fix these issues using my step-by-step instructions.

Or you can let me:

  • (re)write your web copy to make your products and services irresistible
  • fix the web design and user experience issues that are driving your website visitors away.

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