Review Your Website Like a Pro: Free Tools & Resources

Not sure why your prospects leave your website without buying? Use these free tools & resources to review your website like a pro.

“The” Website Content Checklist

Not sure what to put on your homepage? Tired of rewriting your About page? Agonizing over your Services?

Use this website content checklist to easily fill the main pages of your website with relevant content your audience will love:

  • 9 most important areas of your website
  • 200+ checkpoints
  • snackable format

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Freelancer Homepage Checklist

This freelancer homepage checklist shows you, step-by-step, how to create a homepage that will impress your prospects and become a solid foundation for your business growth.

70+ tips for every part of your homepage:

  • 3 things to do before writing a single line
  • Freelancer homepage must have’s
  • 2 extra sections that lure your prospects in
  • 3 homepage FAQ: target audience, length, testimonials

+ Real-life examples and additional tips.


Freelancer homepage checklist

A homepage structure template that shows you how to position different sections and graphic elements on your page to make your message stronger.

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Website Credibility Checklist

You know you’re great at what you do. But do your prospects see you as an expert? They don’t if your website lacks credibility.

Grab this checklist to find out how to make your website look more credible and reassure your prospects that they can trust you:

  • 11 areas on your website that impact credibility
  • 70+ checks organized from easy to hard to help you improve website credibility faster
  • a handy free spreadsheet that makes putting these tips into action much easier

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Ultimate Website Checklist 2021: All Features of a Successful Website at One Glance

A website checklist for small and medium businesses based on a 4-step process of getting people to buy your product or hire you.

200+ checkpoints covering all components of a successful website from SEO to web design to user experience and content quality:

  • How to get people to your website
  • How to make a great first impression
  • How to get your audience like and trust you
  • How to make your prospects convert

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Interactive Website Review Checklist for Solopreneurs & Small Businesses

This website review checklist is an interactive mind map that consists of 200+ checkpoints covering all components of a successful website.

It allows you to cross off the points, highlight and prioritize open tasks and track progress without any pen and paper.It also has a free video tutorial that shows you the best way to use it to review your website like a pro.

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Interactive website review checklist

Quiz: How good is your homepage?

So, you’ve got a business website. But is your homepage any good? How can you improve it? Take this quiz to find out.If it turns out your homepage could be better, the quiz results will show you how to improve it.

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