Website Copywriting and Copy Critique

Copywriting and copy critique

Website Copywriting

Working on a brand new website? Need more web pages for your existing website?

Let me help. I specialize in conversion-optimized copywriting for small and medium brands, digital agencies and online stores.

I can help you:

  • map out the structure of your website-to-be to give it a long-lasting foundation
  • write clear and engaging new copy for your website that makes your target audience wonder how they’ve been living without your product all this time
  • critique your existing web copy and fix its issues to boost engagement and sales

Your prospects will shop by comparison. I can help you rise above your competitors and make sure that this comparison is in your favor.

“Dramatic increase in client inquiries”

Our website used to have very little traction – almost all of our leads came through other channels. When Gill rewrote our copy, this changed dramatically. Now we get inquiries through our website all the time. Some of our prospects even comment in their email that browsing our website makes them feel like we’re the only ones who really get their problems and what they need. Thank you, Gill!

Barbara Nägeli, Embark.Law

How does this work?

You can’t create persuasive copy that will resonate with your target audience without taking those good people into consideration – what they know about your product already, how they talk, whom they are comparing you to, how they behave on your current website, etc.

So, before I write a single line, I’ll ask you to:

  • answer some questions about your business, target audience and current struggles
  • send me a couple of links to the websites of your competitors
  • let me look at your Google Analytics and, ideally, session replays
  • send me your client testimonials.

We can also schedule a call if you’d like to tell me something that is better discussed in person.

After that, I’ll write the copy and send it to you for your review, together with the page wireframes.

Why wireframes?

Because bad web design will kill the most brilliant copy. And with my wireframes, you can be sure your new website or page will work as a whole.

After I have your feedback, I’ll incorporate the changes and send you the final version of the pages.

Irina Lewicka
“Clear and valuable copy that tells our story and describes our services perfectly”

What we struggled with

We wanted to update the site of our agency to reflect our new services but were struggling to describe them clearly and in enough detail to qualify our prospects without overwhelming them with too much information.

After trying to do it on our own and seeing no progress, I reach out to Gill to help us plan our new website and write some copy for us.

What Gill did for us

Gill asked the right questions to structure all the information we had and uncover the missing parts to create clear, valuable and relevant copy that tells our story and describes our services perfectly.

Gill also created page mocks for us that gave us peace of mind that we aren’t making any design mistakes and that made it easier to take the pages live.

How we liked her work

Our new pages turned out even better than expected, and we are happy to recommend her copywriting services.

Irina Lewicka, VIA Service

How much does it cost?

Your investment in your new web copy depends on:

  • the niche of your website
  • the size and the number of the web pages
  • whether SEO research is required
  • how many review rounds you think you’ll need
  • whether you’d need advice on usability and conversion optimization.

To give you an idea, here’s what a basic website copywriting package can cost.

Basic website copywriting package (5 web pages)

  • 30-min briefing session via Skype (alternatively, via email)
  • Copy and wireframes for:
    • Homepage
    • About page
    • Services page
    • Contact page
    • One page of your choice
  • One review round

Your investment: Starting $2600 / €2200.

Interested? Send a non-binding inquiry using a contact form below.

Copy Critique

About to launch your website but not sure if your copywriter did a good job?

Wrote your own copy yourself and want to know if it’s any good?

Let me critique your copy sentence-by-sentence, point out the problems and suggest the ways to improve it.

This way you’ll not only find out what mistakes to avoid next time but will also get a final, improved copy of the page I reviewed you can put up on your website immediately.

Such copy critique is also useful if you want to improve your copywriting skills and create more compelling web pages for in the future.

How does this work?

It works the same way as if I had to write new copy from scratch.

Additionally, I’ll add my comments to your existing copy sentence-by-sentence and summarize your most common copy mistakes so that you can avoid making them in the future.

Natalie Lihacova
“We’re enormously impressed by Gill’s copy review”

We just finished working on our web copy review together with Gill, and we are enormously impressed by her services! Gill is very diligent and smart, and catches the essence immediately. We are now planning to work with Gill on another project, and I am excited to have such a partner in our new adventure!

Natalie Lihacova, Teammate.Exec


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