Professional Website Critique


Professional Website Critique

Does this sound familiar?

“I don’t get enough client inquiries.”

“People come to my website, but they leave quickly without checking other pages.”

“I know my website is a mess, but I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to fix it”.

Your website visitors don’t appreciate your skills, and your offers leave them indifferent. You put so much hard work into your website, but it’s just not paying off.

How frustrating is that?

Would you like to find out what’s holding you back and drive more business?

Let me give you professional feedback on your website. You’ll receive:

  • detailed list of the problems with your website’s copy, usability and design
  • actionable solutions for each of them

…so that your skills and products can finally get the appreciation they deserve, and your bank account, the reward that’s long overdue.

Henneke Duistermaat
“I highly recommend Gill’s website review”

Gill understands the big picture of how to move people through your website and get them to convert. But she also has a keen eye for details – from the button texts and the image selection to the number of links in the footer and the location of the sign-up forms. If your website isn’t generating enough business, I highly recommend you talk to Gill.

Henneke Duistermaat, Enchanting Marketing Ltd

Who is this website critique for?

Freelancers and small businesses – business coaches, consultants, web designers, writers, editors, contractors, small digital agencies, etc. – who want to get more inquiries through their website.

Small online shops or SaaS businesses that want to sell more products or increase the number of sign-ups.

How does this work?

Request a website critique

To request a website critique, use the contact form at the bottom of this page. I’ll take a look at your website and email you some questions about your target audience, your business model and your current struggles.

I usually respond within 24 hours.

We discuss the scope

The standard scope for the website critique includes your homepage, your About page and one Service page.

If you want me to critique more pages – for example, an additional page for a key product or service – we can include it into the scope as well so that you get the feedback on all pages important to your business.

I review your website in detail

I’ll access each page based on the following points:

  • How well does it meet the expectations of your website visitors?
  • Does it provide enough value?
  • Is it clear?
  • Does anything distract your website visitors or prevent them from taking an action?

Your website critique will be ready in 3-5 days

Within 3-5 days, you’ll get a detailed PDF report containing the critique of your website and actionable suggestions on how to improve it.

“Clear and detailed website critique”

Gill’s website critique was incredibly detailed. It helped me understand how small tweaks and changes could bring huge improvement to the overall appearance and experience of my blog. The information she provided was explained so clearly that even I – someone who struggled with a “Dummies guide to blogging” was able to understand and implement her suggestions.

Emma Gardy,

What does this website critique report include?

✓ Detailed critique of your website’s:
  • copy
  • usability
  • and design
✓ Actionable suggestions on how to increase:
  • conversions
  • visibility in search
  • your credibility and authority
  • your email list, etc.

Have a look inside of an original website critique report!

Below, you can view the sample pages from an original website critique report. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Website Critique Sample: Table of Contents

Website critique report: Table of contents

Website Critique Sample: Improvement Suggestions

Website critique report: Summary of the improvement suggestions

Free Bonus

Get a mock page that shows how your improved homepage could look like if you implement my suggestions

You’ll be surprised how much your website will improve if you address the main problems of its copy, usability and design.

How Much Does It Cost?

The one-time fee for the website critique starts at $530 / £397 / €450 and depends on the size of your website and the number of additional pages you’d like me to review.
Alexantra Kleijn
“I now get more client inquiries”

Gill’s advice really works. Since implementing her suggestions, I’ve seen a steady increase in client inquiries.

Alexandra Kleijn,

Send a Non-Binding Request for a Website Critique

Fill out this form to let me know you’re interested. I’ll reply to you within 24 hours so we can discuss the details.

Gill Andrews


“Why is this better than a video website critique?”

Although a video critique of one page can be useful, a video review of a whole website is less thorough and more difficult to use to improve your website. Have a look at the differences between the two formats:

A video website critique:
  • Difficult to jump to the relevant parts or find specific information.
  • If not scripted, will have “filler” words and sentence.
  • Skipping parts isn’t easy. You need to listen to every sentence.
  • Doesn’t have a summary of the improvement suggestions.
  • Impossible to copy-paste the relevant parts into an email or your todo list.
A PDF report:
  • Has an interactive table of contents and a search function.
  • Is thoroughly edited making sure every word counts.
  • Skipping parts is easy. Just scroll down scanning the text.
  • Has a summary of the problems and the improvement suggestions.
  • Easy to extract the relevant parts to share them with others or copy-paste it in your todo list.

So, if you just want to get a general idea of how good your website is, go with a video website critique.

But if you’re serious about making your website better and can’t wait to start working on the issues point by point, get a thoroughly written report.

“What if I’m not happy with my website review?”

To make sure you’ll get the feedback you need, we’ll discuss the scope of the website critique – the pages I’ll review and the issues I’ll focus on – in advance.

In case you think something is missing in the final report, I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions within the scope we discussed free of charge.

“How detailed is this website critique report?”

The PDF report is thorough and includes screenshots, detailed analysis of selected copy excerpts, as well as actionable improvement suggestions and reasoning behind them. It will offer you a clear roadmap to a better website that you can start using on the spot.

The average length of a website critique report is 18 pages (font size: 11px, single spacing).

“Do you also review websites in other languages?”

Yes, I also review websites in Dutch, German and Russian.

“Do you also offer a single page critique?”

Yes. I also offer single web page critique – for example, a review of your homepage, a service page or an important product page. Drop me a line to discuss the details.