Professional website critique

Website Conversion Audit

Does this sound familiar?

“I don’t get enough client inquiries.”

“People come to my website, but they leave quickly without checking other pages.”

“I know my website is a mess, but I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to fix it”.

Your website visitors don’t appreciate your skills, and your offers leave them indifferent. You put so much hard work into your website, but it’s just not paying off.

It’s so frustrating!

Would you like to find out what’s holding you back and drive more business?

Let me give you professional feedback on your website. You’ll receive:

  • detailed list of the problems with your website’s copy, usability and design
  • actionable solutions for each of them

…so that your skills and products can finally get the appreciation they deserve, and your bank account, the reward that’s long overdue.

And no, you don’t need a website redesign. In most of the cases, the changes I suggest are based on the current design theme and won’t require for you to completely change your website layout.

Who is this website critique for?

This website critique is for non-ecommerce companies that sell services or software through their website:

  • Freelancers and personal brands: coaches, consultants, copywriters, web designers, etc.
  • Service provider companies: digital agencies, contractor firms, IT consultancies, etc.
  • SaaS companies

What does this website critique include?

Discovery questionnaire

Before I audit your pages, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your business and target audience. This way you won’t get some generic tips but super-specific feedback that takes into consideration your super-specific situation.

Website performance analysis (optional)

If you get enough website traffic and are already measuring the performance of your website, you’ll get much more specific improvement recommendations that have a higher chance to move the needle for your business if I also analyze your performance data. This way, my feedback will not only be based on the best practices but also on the actual behavior of your visitors.

Video critique

You’ll get my feedback on your pages recorded on video where I point out the issues with the design, copy and user experience of your page and suggest changes you can implement right away.


After you get the video with the review, I’ll be happy to answer one round of questions you may have about my feedback via email.


“Our conversion rate almost doubled”

We knew our online tool was very useful, but our users seemed to struggle with it. Watching the video with Gill’s analysis felt like a relief. We had some similar ideas in the past, but we were not able to pinpoint them as precisely as she did.

The results exceeded our expectations. After we implemented Gill’s suggestions, the conversion rate almost doubled and went from 20% to 39%. The increase in the completion rate in the most problematic steps of the workflow was especially amazing.

Marco Schnorbus, Product Owner, co2online

How much does it cost?

The one-time fee for the website critique depends on:

  • your niche
  • the size of your pages and their state
  • the number of pages you’d like me to review
  • whether the review will be based on general best practices (i.e. heuristic review) or your specific website performance data
  • additional deliverables, like an improved page mockup or page outline.

Here are the approximate fees.

Basic website critique package
  • detailed video critique of 3 pages:
    • Homepage
    • One other important web page (for ex., your service or product page or your About page)
    • Contact page (you won’t believe how many things can go wrong on a Contact page)
  • written report (Google Doc, about 10 pages)
  • additional Q&A round via email

Video duration: about 90 minutes

Your investment:

  • Heuristic review (what’s that?): from $900 USD
  • Data-based conversion audit (what’s that?): from $1200 USD
Extended website critique + improved page mockup
  • detailed video critique of 4 pages:
    • Homepage
    • Two important pages (for ex., your service or product page + About page)
    • Contact page
  • written report (Google Doc, about 15 pages)
  • fully designed mockup of the improved homepage (or any other page of your choice included in the review)
  • additional Q&A round via email

Your investment: from $2200 USD


“Amazing website review & mockup”

We asked Gill to analyze our website and prepare a mockup of a new homepage. Her analysis and review was amazing. She opened up our eyes and gave us some clarity on why we like and don’t like certain website characteristics. We really loved the mock up too. Our leadership team learned so much and developed a new perspective what we needed a website to do for us.

Lisa Grassi, CFO, Goodwill

How does it work?

Request a website critique

To request a website critique, use the contact form at the bottom of this page. I’ll take a look at your website and come back to you to discuss the scope.

I usually respond within 24 hours.

We discuss the scope

The standard scope for the website critique includes your homepage + two pages of your choice (for example, your About page and a page for your main service or product).

If you want me to critique more pages we can include it into the scope as well so that you get the feedback on all pages important to your business.

I send you a questionnaire

To make sure my improvement suggestions are as useful to you as possible, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your target audience, business model, current struggles and competitors.

I review your website in detail

If your business website gets enough traffic, I’ll analyze your user session recordings, heatmaps and Google Analytics data.

After that, I’ll access each page based on the following points:

  • How well does it meet the expectations of your website visitors?
  • Does it provide enough value?
  • Is it clear?
  • Is website design getting in the way of your message?

Your website critique will be ready in about 5 business days.


“What if I need different or more pages reviewed?”

No problem. I can review more or fewer pages, skip the homepage mockup or create several, deliver my website critique in form of a written report instead of a video—anything you need to make your website better faster.

Send me an inquiry, and I’ll come back to you to discuss the scope and give you a custom quote.

“What if I’m not happy with my website critique?”

To make sure you’ll get the feedback you need, we’ll discuss the scope of the website critique—the pages I’ll review and the issues I’ll focus on—in advance.

In case you think something is still missing in the final website critique, I’ll be happy to answer any additional questions within the scope we discussed free of charge.

“How detailed is a website critique report?”

Instead of a video and a written summary of the improvement suggestions, you can get your website critique as a thorough PDF report. Such report includes screenshots, detailed analysis of selected copy excerpts, as well as actionable improvement suggestions and reasoning behind them.

This could be a better option if you have a team you’d like to share the improvement suggestions with because a written website critique offers a better way to jump between sections and share the relevant snippets.

The average length of such website critique report is 18 pages (font size: 11px, single spacing).

“Do you also offer a single page critique?”

Yes. I also offer single web page critique. You can read more about my single page reviews here.

“Do you also review websites in other languages?”

Yes, I also review websites in Dutch and German.

Marijke van Veldhoven

My website is in Dutch, but language was no problem, and the website advice Gill gave me was the best investment I could make. All I want my visitors to know has become so much clearer now!

Marijke van Veldhoven, Cartoonist,

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Gill Andrews

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