Interactive Website Review Checklist for Solopreneurs & Small Businesses

Interactive website review checklist
Are you struggling to get clients through your website?

This interactive website review checklist designed specifically for solopreneurs and small businesses will help you identify:

  • what’s missing on your website
  • what you’ve been doing wrong
  • and how to do it right

…to make your website finally work for you.

If you want your website to do better but don’t know how…

This is your answer!

4 Reasons This Checklist Is Better Than Any Other Checklist You’ve Ever Seen

1. You get a strategy

This checklist isn’t just a collection of single tips but is based on a 4-step strategy of how to get people to buy your product or services.

This checklist is based on 4-step process to get people to buy from your website

2. You can ditch all other checklists

No need for any other checklists. This checklist with its 200+ points takes into accont every aspect of running a successful business website:

  • flawless SEO
  • clean web design
  • high quality content
  • effective content marketing (on your website and on social media), etc.
200+ checkpoints on SEO, content quality, web design and user experience

3. Working with it is a breeze

Take it step-by-step and display only the checkpoints you are currently working on to reduce distractions and not to feel overwhelmed.

Hide the checkpoints you don’t want to deal with right now.

4. You can easily adjust it to the needs of your website

This checklist lest you interactively add, delete and edit points, as well as track progress while reviewing your website. Going forward, you can use it as an on-going todo list for your website and as a tool to organize new information you find online.
Interactive website review checklist

Download, unzip…

and start reviewing your website right away!

In this download, you’ll immediately get:

  • Website review checklist file.
  • Detailed instructions on how to open it on your PC.
  • Links to two video tutorials on how to use this checklist effectively.