One-page review

One-Page Review

Does it sound familiar? You worked so hard on that landing page for your services or your online course. And you have already spend a fortune running ads with it, but it just won’t convert.

Or did your homepage get cluttered over the years and doesn’t reflect who you are anymore, making your prospects leave without getting in touch?

Have a web page that should generate new leads, but just doesn’t?

I’ll review your page and give you ultra-actionable and easy-to-implement suggestions that will help you improve your page and impress your prospects.

“First inquiry within 2 days after implementing Gill’s advice”

Gill reviewed my website and made a 30-minute video on how to improve my web design. I followed her advice which helped with the flow and within two days I received my first query through my website.

Matthew Drzymala, Copywriter,

Who is this page review for?

You’ll benefit most from this one-page review if a page in question is your main source of getting new client inquiries (for example, a homepage or a service page on your website, a stand-alone landing page you use in your pay-per-click campaigns).

If you have a larger website and a more complicated sales funnel, a comprehensive website critique may be a better option.

What does this page review include?

Discovery questionnaire

Before I review your page, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about your business and target audience. This way you won’t get some generic tips but super-specific feedback that takes into consideration your super-specific situation.

Video critique

You’ll get my feedback on your page recorded on video where I point out the issues with the design, copy and user experience of your page and suggest changes you can implement right away.


After you get the video with the review, I’ll be happy to answer one round of questions you may have about my feedback via email.

Page mockup (optional)

Sometimes, a page has major problems: The structure isn’t working, important sections are missing or there’s too much irrelevant information. In this case, it will be more helpful to you if you actually *saw* my improvement suggestions and not only heard me talking about them.

In this case, I’ll create a fully designed mockup that will show you how your page would look like if you’d implemented my improvement suggestions. Then, you or your web designer can just follow the mockup to create an impressive page your prospects will love.

How much does it cost?

Your investment depends on:

  • your niche
  • the size of your page
  • its state
  • whether the review will be based on general best practices (i.e. heuristic review) or your specific website performance data (i.e. data-based conversion audit)
  • additional deliverables, like an improved page mockup

Video review only (at least 30 min): from $450 USD

Video review + page mockup: from $1200 USD

You’ll have your investment back with the first new client you’ll get with the help of my improvement suggestions.


“I’m not tech-savvy. Would I be able to implement your suggestions?”

My suggestions will take into consideration your current theme and will be easy enough for you to implement them on your own. If you’ll have any technical questions when you start implementing the changes, I’ll be happy to answer them free of charge.

If you like, I could even implement the improvement suggestions for you myself, but we would need to discuss this separately after I review your page.

“How do I pay?”

You can comfortably pay via PayPal after we clarify all the details and I send you the contract.

“How long does this take?”

Your page review will be ready within 4-6 working days.

“Do you also review web pages in other languages?”

Yes, I also review pages in Dutch and German. Here’s what Maaike has to say about the page review I did for her page in Dutch:

Maaike van Kempen

“Now I know exactly what to improve”

You are the best, Gill! This video review and your effort on the mockup will really help me upgrade my homepage (and some of the other pages). Now I know exactly what to improve and don’t have to spend hours on end typing and shifting sections up and down.

Maaike van Kempen,

Send a Non-Binding Request for a One-Page Review

Fill out this form to let me know you’re interested. I’ll reply to you within 48 hours so we can discuss the details.

Gill Andrews

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