6 Things You Believe About Your Homepage That Are Actually BS

6 Things You Believe About Your Homepage That Are Actually BS

Quick question: How do you feel about your homepage? On a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being awesome, is it an 8 or more like a lame 5? Well, unless is a 10+, there is room for improvement. Here are 6 things you believe about your homepage that are actually BS (plus the […]

Formatting web content: 9 painful-to-look-at mistakes that could ruin the best blog

9 Painful Blog Formatting Mistakes That Will Ruin the Best Content

Warning: Horrible formatting ahead! Please bear with me while I’m making my point. Some people still write on their blogs as if it’s a book – long paragraphs stretching over miles of pixels challenging the concentration abilities of their readers. I mean, how funny, interesting and engaging should your blog post be for your readers […]

20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Small Business

[Study Results] 20 Most Common Small Business Website Mistakes

How does one find the most common mistakes of small business websites? Obviously, you can’t glance over 10-20 websites and call it a day. You need to look at more websites spending more time on each of them. Which is exactly what I did. To compile this list, I looked at 100+ small business websites […]