What should you do to make a business message clear?

What Should You Do to Make Your Business Message Clear?

Summary: A clear business message isn’t only about words. It’s about different elements of your website working together (or at least not getting in the way). Below I’ll explain what elements those are and show you how to make a business message clear using an example of a real but messy small business website. Did […]

The Best Lead Magnets for Small Businesses (Based on a Study and Expert Insights)

Growing a loyal community is the biggest challenge you face as an online business owner. And while large and medium businesses have a budget for huge billboards and promo events, solopreneurs and small businesses often feel like they are walking through a swamp – it’s moving forward reaaally slow. Lead magnets are supposed to help […]

20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Small Business

20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Small Business

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a survey to my subscribers – small business owners with a website. The last question was: “What are your main struggles with your website?” It was a multiple choice question, and among the usual options (getting traffic to your website, growing loyal audience, etc.) there was this option […]