Lead Magnet Checklist: 5 Must-Have Features of a Crazy Effective Lead Magnet

Lead Magnet Checklist: 5 Must-Have Features of a Crazy Effective Lead Magnet

The time when people were downloading free ebooks in masses is long over. Lead magnets aren’t hip anymore. These days everyone and their grandma has a “Download free ebook” button on their page. For you as a business owner, it became much more difficult to get those email addresses, get your new subscribers to open […]

The Best Lead Magnets for Small Businesses (Based on a Study and Expert Insights)

Growing a loyal community is the biggest challenge you face as an online business owner. And while large and medium businesses have a budget for huge billboards and promo events, solopreneurs and small businesses often feel like they are walking through a swamp – it’s moving forward reaaally slow. Lead magnets are supposed to help […]

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-up Forms Backed by Data

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-Up Forms (Backed by Data)

“I loathe these pop-up forms, but I’ve seen statistics and case studies showing they work. Should I use an opt-in pop-up on my website?” If I got a nickel every time I was asked this question, I would be writing these lines from my own beach house in Portugal. And while the world is yet […]

7 elements to create an effective homepage

Creating an Effective Homepage: 7 Elements You Shouldn’t Miss

Creating an effective homepage is simple: Use these 7 elements and… that’s it! You are smart. Hard-working. Creative. You are tough enough to run your own business. But when it comes to your homepage, you black out. Freeze. Become color blind. You use thousands of colorful images and buttons threatening your visitors with an epileptic […]