What should you do to make a business message clear?

What Should You Do to Make Your Business Message Clear?

Summary: A clear business message isn’t only about words. It’s about different elements of your website working together (or at least not getting in the way). Below I’ll explain what elements those are and show you how to make a business message clear using an example of a real but messy small business website. Did […]

When Storytelling Is Bad for Your Business (And What to Do Instead)

There is this hyped up technique that is making rounds these days called “storytelling”. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but in an unlikely case you didn’t: Storytelling in marketing means that instead of using a lot of data and complicated busines-sy words, you are supposed to tell a story. A story of a hero […]

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-up Forms Backed by Data

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-Up Forms (Backed by Data)

“I loathe these pop-up forms, but I’ve seen statistics and case studies showing they work. Should I use an opt-in pop-up on my website?” If I got a nickel every time I was asked this question, I would be writing these lines from my own beach house in Portugal. And while the world is yet […]

38 Valuable Resources on How to Make Your Website Successful

38 valuable resources on how to make your website successful (+4 experts to follow)

As a business owner, you are always in a hurry, juggling multiple things at once, wishing a day had 48 hours. This feeling of constant lack of time creates a dangerous illusion that everything you spend your time on should be fast. A quick sandwich instead of a warm meal. Taking a car instead of walking to the bakery. […]

4-Step Process to Get People to Buy Your Product (Even If Nobody Knows You)

4-Step Process to Get People to Buy Your Product (Even If Nobody Knows You)

Look out of your window. See that guy walking down the street? A stranger. Never heard of you or your product. Doesn’t care. Right now, he is probably thinking about work, or the argument he had with his wife in the morning, or that he needs coffee. You are not in the picture. Not even […]

How Identifying your target audience will turbocharge your business

How Identifying Your Target Audience Will Turbocharge Your Business

You’ve heard it many times. “You need to identify your target audience. If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” And you kind of agree. Yet, the only thing you did about it was to give it a 2-minute thought before falling asleep. “Hm, I’m a hair dresser. I do people’s hair. So […]