Freelancer Survey 2018: Website Traffic and Insights from 250 Freelancers

Freelancer Survey 2018: Website Traffic and Insights from 250 Freelancers

Do all your peers indeed get more traffic than you? Or is everybody faking it till they make it? With this survey, I wanted to find out how much traffic freelancer websites really get. And while we were talking, I asked the freelancers what they find most challenging when it comes to their website. Survey […]

4 Alternatives to Your Drop-Down Menu That Will Improve Your Website

4 Reasons Why You Must Kill Your Drop-Down Menu (and What to Do Instead)

You know what I find fascinating? How so many website owners seem to have a multiple personality disorder. Here you are as a website visitor, swearing at your laptop when some websites make it difficult for you to do or find things. But then you put your website owner hat on and BAM – a […]

Formatting web content: 9 painful-to-look-at mistakes that could ruin the best blog

9 Painful Blog Formatting Mistakes That Will Ruin the Best Content

Warning: Horrible formatting ahead! Please bear with me while I’m making my point. Some people still write on their blogs as if it’s a book – long paragraphs stretching over miles of pixels challenging the concentration abilities of their readers. I mean, how funny, interesting and engaging should your blog post be for your readers […]

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-up Forms Backed by Data

The #1 Reason to Get Rid of Pop-Up Forms (Backed by Data)

“I loathe these pop-up forms, but I’ve seen statistics and case studies showing they work. Should I use an opt-in pop-up on my website?” If I got a nickel every time I was asked this question, I would be writing these lines from my own beach house in Portugal. And while the world is yet […]