What should you do to make a business message clear?

What Should You Do to Make Your Business Message Clear?

Summary: A clear business message isn’t only about words. It’s about different elements of your website working together (or at least not getting in the way). Below I’ll explain what elements those are and show you how to make a business message clear using an example of a real but messy small business website. Did […]

6 Things You Believe About Your Homepage That Are Actually BS

6 Things You Believe About Your Homepage That Are Actually BS

Quick question: How do you feel about your homepage? On a scale from 0 to 10 with 10 being awesome, is it an 8 or more like a lame 5? Well, unless is a 10+, there is room for improvement. Here are 6 things you believe about your homepage that are actually BS (plus the […]

7 elements to create an effective homepage

7 Elements of a Crazy Effective Homepage

Creating an effective homepage is simple: Use these 7 elements and… that’s it! You are smart. Hard-working. Creative. You are tough enough to run your own business. But when it comes to your homepage, you black out. Freeze. Become color blind. You use thousands of colorful images and buttons threatening your visitors with an epileptic stroke. You […]