Make Your Copy 2x More Powerful by Following This One Rule

This week, a fellow copywriter asked me:

I couldn’t help noticing that on the About page you wrote you went with the headline “About Us”.

What made you stick with something basic, almost like placeholder copy, rather than go for something more powerful?

When I see service pages with a headline “Our Services” or an about page with “About” in the hero, a voice in my head says “this is lazy copywriting”.

Hope you don’t mind me asking – I’m trying to understand how expert copywriters make these types of decisions.

I didn’t mind them asking, of course. It’s a great question.

But before I answer, a counter-question:

Why do you think the signs on the doors say:

✔️ WC

✔️ Dressing room

✔️ Exit

…and not

❌ Get rid of your bodily fluids and feel at ease

❌ Get a new summer look

❌ Grab some fresh air and enjoy the sun

Because that’s exactly the words people are looking for when they want to pee, try on a dress or exit the building.

They are fully aware of what awaits them behind those signs (once they find them).

But for now, they think, “Where’s the WC / dressing room / exit?”

And these are the words they scan the area for.

Your page titles? Same story.

Your prospect clicked on the navigation label “About us” hoping to land on your About page.

Your page needs to reassure them they are at the right place.

And what’s the best way way to do that than to repeat the same words first thing on the page?

“You wanted to see our About page? Here’s our About page.”

What’s powerful copy anyway?

❌Powerful copy does NOT mean phrasing everything as a benefit.

✔️Powerful copy mirrors the needs of a prospect at that particular moment of their journey on your website. It echoes the words they use when they think: “I want (to do) X”.

Sometimes, it’s a benefit:

“I want to grow my business.”

Sometimes it’s a feature:

“I need a tool that schedules automatic marketing campaigns.”

And sometimes, it’s something even more trivial:

“I want to learn more about this company.”

“Does it mean I can’t use creative page titles ever?”

In some cases, some variations of standard page titles do make sense.

Like “Get to know me” for an About page, when you closely works with clients 1:1.

Not when you’re a copywriter (it’s unlikely that your clients want to reaaaally get to know you before they hire you). But when you’re a therapist, for example. When your prospects indeed think “I’d like to get to know this person first.”

Or “How we help” as a title for your Services page, if your services is indeed something that your prospects think about in terms of “Heeelp meee!” (lawyers, therapists, anybody who gets people out of trouble).

But the main principle remains the same:

Is there something super-specific your prospects want or expect to see/read on your website at this moment?

  • Yes => How do they call it? => Use that phrase.
  • No => Feel free to get creative.

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