Professional Website Critique

Professional Website Critique

Professional Website Critique Does this sound familiar? “I don’t get enough client inquiries.” “People come to my website, but they leave quickly without checking other pages.” “I know my website is a mess, but I feel overwhelmed and I don’t know how to fix it”. Your website visitors don’t appreciate your skills, and your offers […]

20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Small Business

[Study Results] 20 Most Common Small Business Website Mistakes

How does one find the most common mistakes of small business websites? Obviously, you can’t glance over 10-20 websites and call it a day. You need to look at more websites spending more time on each of them. Which is exactly what I did. To compile this list, I looked at 100+ small business websites […]

Review Your Website Like a Pro: Free Tools & Resources

Can’t afford a professional website review? No problem! These free tools & resources will help you review your website like a pro. “The” Website Content Checklist Not sure what to put on your homepage? Tired of rewriting your About page? Agonizing over your Services?Use this website content checklist to easily fill the main pages of […]