Why using large images on your website may hurt conversions

Why Using Large Images on Your Website May Hurt Your Conversions

This is a plague I’ve been seeing a lot lately: Large, super detailed and probably expensive images taking 50% of the screen width. If only it was one or two images per page, but noooo, they always travel in packs. The problems may already begin with 3 sections using large images like that and will […]

5 bad web design examples that hide info on website

5 Examples of Bad Web Design That Hide Important Info from Your Visitors

Getting stuff right on your website is like cooking a perfect soft boiled egg. It’s easier to screw it up than get it right, and even the experienced cooks fail at times. Indeed, the list of things that can go wrong on your website is endless (and growing with every latest web design trend). Below, […]

3 CTA Buttons Mistakes That Cost You Money

3 Less Known CTA Button Mistakes That Cost You Money

So, call-to-action buttons. You know, the ones you’d like your visitors to click so badly. “Download my free ebook”. “Get a quote”. “Contact me”. All that stuff. Seems easy-peasy, right? How can you possibly mess it up? Ehm. Where should I start? Today, I’l d like to talkĀ about less known CTA button mistakes I don’t […]