20 tips for successful business website

20 Tips to Make Your Business Website Successful in 2020

The holidays are over. The cookie jar is empty. The decorations are back in the basement. Time to take off your cozy fleece jumpsuit and put on your business owner pants. What can you do to grow your business in 2020? Well, I hear a business websites is great in doing exactly that. Want to […]

Why using large images on your website may hurt conversions

Why Using Large Images on Your Website May Hurt Your Conversions

This is a plague I’ve been seeing a lot lately: Large, super detailed and probably expensive images taking 50% of the screen width. If only it was one or two images per page, but noooo, they always travel in packs. The problems may already begin with 3 sections using large images like that and will […]

Are these website myths hurting your business?

Website Myths: 6 Things You Believe About Your Website That Hurt Your Business

Website myths. Things that you believe about your website that aren’t true. Why should we talk about it? Because those myths are constraints that hold your website and your business back and bestow on you: Confusion: “Why am I not getting any sales?” Disappointment: “I thought if I do XYZ, I’ll be getting sales!” and […]

How to use bullet points on your website and impress your prospects

How to Use (and Not to Use) Bullet Points on Your Website

Use bullet points on your website, they said. It will be great, they said. What they probably didn’t tell you is how those unordered and numbered bullets may backfire if you don’t pay attention. So, let’s correct that and talk about how to use bullet points for marketing your products and services on your website […]

Why your website isn't converting views into sales

7 Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Views Into Sales

So, you’ve got yourself a nice website. You thought that now when you built it, they’ll come in packs throwing money at you. But your website isn’t converting, and you don’t know why. Welcome to the life of online business owner! Selling through your website is hard. All the agonizing over design and copy, all […]

How many call to action buttons to put on your homepage

How Many CTA Buttons Should You Put On Your Homepage?

Some business owners can’t have enough of these colorful buttons. Others lie sleepless at night trying to select a single call to action to star on their homepage. Neither approach is good because it’s not about a number. There is no definite answer here that will work for every website. Yet, it is possible to […]

How to get more clients online

How to Get More Clients Online: 6 Things That Help

Quick note: This is postographic – a post that looks like an infographic but is actually text. Feel free to click on the links within it to get in-depth tips on how to get more clients online. @ How to Get More Clients ~ Online ~ There are plenty of posts out there describing various […]