How to Create a Services Page on a Website

How to Create a Services Page That Gets You New Inquiries on Autopilot

Let’s say you’re a copywriter and you want to create a services page to tell people what kind of copy you write to attract new clients. Your cousin is a designer. He, too, needs a services page to tell his prospects what he designs hoping they’ll get in touch. Your grandma and her besty are […]

How to make your web copy suck less

How to Make Your Web Copy Suck Less (Very Specific Advice)

Why is there so much boring blah blah on your website? I’m not trying to mock you. I’m genuinely curious. How do I know? I bookmark business websites I come across among my new subscribers, LinkedIn connections, Twitter contacts, etc. to watch the latest trends in copy and design (and the newest ways to ruin […]

How to write great copy for your website

Want to Know the Secret to Writing Great Copy? It’s an Excel Sheet!

Want to know a secret to writing great copy for your website? You don’t write it. I don’t mean you leave the pages blank. You need the words, of course. But not all of them will come from you, and not all of them will come from writing. To quote the famous Eugene Schwartz: Copy […]

Copywriting mistakes from copy critique

80% of Business Websites I Critiqued Make These Copy Mistakes. You, too?

Do you know what you, a contractor and a project manager have in common? Brain-racking copy on their websites! How do I know? I do copy critiques. A lot. And I’m yet to see a web page that I didn’t have to rip ap…, I mean, offer many insightful comments and provide improvement suggestions for […]

Website Copywriting and Copy Critique

Website Copywriting Working on a brand new website? Need more web pages for your existing website? Let me help. I specialize in conversion-optimized copywriting for small and medium brands, digital agencies and online stores. I can help you: map out the structure of your website-to-be to give it a long-lasting foundation write clear and engaging […]

6 Ways to Improve Website Copy

6 Quick Ways to Spot (and Remove) BS from Your Website Copy

Want to improve your web copy but don’t feel like reading yet another 3000+ word monster article? I’ve got you covered. Here are 6 quick practical tests you can run on your copy to uncover (and fix) its shortcomings: The BS Test The Forehead Slap Test The “So what?” Test The Google Translate Test The […]

9 Examples of Ridiculous Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

9 Examples of Bad Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

Have you noticed how you learn best if you’ve experienced something first-hand? Let’s say your spouse has been telling you for days to take an umbrella because it’s April, and the rain showers come without warning. You ignore this advice till one day you return home soaking wet. Guess who’s taking an umbrella to work […]