The Best Lead Magnets for Small Businesses: Checklist and Examples (Based on a Study and Expert Insights)

Growing a loyal community is the biggest challenge you face as an online business owner.

And while large and medium businesses have budget for huge billboards and promo events, solopreneurs and small businesses often feel like they are walking through a swamp – it’s moving forward reaaally slow.

Lead magnets are supposed to help you grow a loyal audience, but as website visitors see them everywhere, they learned to ignore them.

You must have noticed yourself that “download this post as PDF” doesn’t cut it anymore.

But what does?

What are the best and most effective lead magnets that won’t just add numbers to your list but will help you grow a loyal audience, especially if you don’t have a huge reputation yet?

This article will give you a concrete answer to this question that will fit your specific business goals. Feel free to jump to a section you are most interested in using the table of contents below.

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