4 Alternatives to Your Drop-Down Menu That Will Improve Your Website

4 Reasons Your Website Drop-Down Menu Has to Die (and What to Do Instead)

You know what I find fascinating? How so many website owners seem to have a multiple personality disorder. Here you are as a website visitor, swearing at your laptop when some websites make it difficult for you to do or find things. But then you put your website owner hat on and – BAM – […]

Quick Homepage Checklist for Your Small Business Website

Quick Homepage Checklist That Will Help Your Business Shine Online

Not sure what to put on a homepage of your business website? Afraid of confusing your visitors with too much information? Wondering if you’re telling them enough to hire you? Stop agonizing over it and use this quick checklist to make sure your homepage blows the socks off your website visitors and makes your business […]

How to Make Your Website Load Faster in WordPress

How to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster (Without Breaking It or Going Crazy)

“Uuu, website optimization! How exciting!”, said no website owner ever. I get it. Everyone dreads things that seem complicated or boring. And if you aren’t technically savvy, all this caching, compression and optimization talk makes you regret having a website in the first place. But we both know that you have to do it if […]

9 Examples of Ridiculous Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

9 Examples of Bad Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

Have you noticed how you learn best if you’ve experienced something first-hand? Let’s say your spouse has been telling you for days to take an umbrella because it’s April, and the rain showers come without warning. You ignore this advice till one day you return home soaking wet. Guess who’s taking an umbrella to work […]

What's the best way to present categories and tags on a website?

What’s the Best Way to Present Categories and Tags on a Website?

This is a part of Q&A series where I answer questions from my subscribers. Have a website question you want me to answer? Subscribe here and drop me a line. Today’s question is from Steph: “How the heck do you organise a blog when you’ve got so many topics? I’ve settled for 4 over arching […]

4 Popular But Useless Website Tips You Should Ignore

4 Popular But Useless Website Tips You Should Ignore (And Do This Instead)

You want your website to have more visitors, your pages to convert better and your business to grow. But as a small business owner, you don’t have the luxury of investing your time and money into stuff “just to see how it goes”. Which raises an important question: “How do you know that something you […]