5 Examples of Bad Web Design That Hide Important Info from Your Visitors

5 Examples of Bad Web Design That Hide Important Info from Your Visitors

Getting stuff right on your website is like cooking a perfect soft boiled egg. It’s easier to screw it up than get it right, and even the experienced cooks fail at times. Indeed, the list of things that can go wrong on your website is endless (and growing with every latest web design trend). Below, […]

Copywriting mistakes from copy critique

80% of Business Websites I Critiqued Make These Copy Mistakes. You, too?

Do you know what you, a contractor and a project manager have in common? Brain-racking copy on their websites! How do I know? I do copy critiques. A lot. And I’m yet to see a web page that I didn’t have to rip ap…, I mean, offer many insightful comments and provide improvement suggestions for […]

How to gain more subscribers even with low website traffic

How to Gain More Subscribers on Autopilot (Even with Low Website Traffic)

What if I told you you could get 2 new subscribers for every 50 website visitors without an extra effort? You’ll go about your day doing client work, writing, taking a nap. But your list will grow, adding at least several new email addresses from people who want to hear from you every day. No […]

6 Ways to Improve Website Copy

6 Quick Ways to Spot (and Remove) BS from Your Website Copy

Want to improve your web copy but don’t feel like reading yet another 3000+ word monster article? I’ve got you covered. Here are 6 quick practical tests you can run on your copy to uncover (and fix) its shortcomings: The BS Test The Forehead Slap Test The “So what?” Test The Google Translate Test The […]

Freelancer Homepage Checklist: Turn Your Website Visitors into Paying Customers

Freelancer Homepage Checklist: Turn Your Visitors into Paying Clients

You may be an experienced copywriter, a skillful designer, or a great marketing consultant, but you may still feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating a website for your business that brings you clients. This freelancer homepage checklist shows you, step-by-step, how to create a homepage that will impress your prospects and become a solid […]

4 Alternatives to Your Drop-Down Menu That Will Improve Your Website

4 Reasons Your Website Drop-Down Menu Has to Die (and What to Do Instead)

You know what I find fascinating? How so many website owners seem to have a multiple personality disorder. Here you are as a website visitor, swearing at your laptop when some websites make it difficult for you to do or find things. But then you put your website owner hat on and BAM – a […]

Quick Homepage Checklist for Your Small Business Website

Quick Homepage Checklist That Will Help Your Business Shine Online

Not sure what to put on a homepage of your business website? Afraid of confusing your visitors with too much information? Wondering if you’re telling them enough to hire you? Stop agonizing over it and use this quick checklist to make sure your homepage blows the socks off your website visitors and makes your business […]

How to Make Your Website Load Faster in WordPress

How to Make Your WordPress Site Load Faster (Without Breaking It or Going Crazy)

“Uuu, website optimization! How exciting!”, said no website owner ever. I get it. Everyone dreads things that seem complicated or boring. And if you aren’t technically savvy, all this caching, compression and optimization talk makes you regret having a website in the first place. But we both know that you have to do it if […]

9 Examples of Ridiculous Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

9 Examples of Bad Website Taglines: Can You Guess What These Companies Do?

Have you noticed how you learn best if you’ve experienced something first-hand? Let’s say your spouse has been telling you for days to take an umbrella because it’s April, and the rain showers come without warning. You ignore this advice till one day you return home soaking wet. Guess who’s taking an umbrella to work […]