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“Gill’s copywriting skills are exceptional”

We worked with Gill to create our new homepage and improve several landing pages on our website. We were really impressed by her methodical approach and analytical skills. Before writing the copy, Gill asked us a lot of questions, analyzed competitor pages, and came up with a solid strategy backed by data and strong reasoning. She has exceptional copywriting skills and isn’t afraid to present unconventional ideas.

Gill also consulted us on the page design and usability, which helped improve things a lot. We loved working with Gill and look forward to more projects together.

Olga Andrienko, VP of Brand Marketing, Semrush

Olga Andrienko Semrush

“Our conversion rate increased by 95%”

Watching the video with Gill’s analysis felt like a relief. We had some similar ideas in the past, but we were not able to pinpoint them as precisely as she did. The results exceeded our expectations. After we implemented Gill’s suggestions, the conversion rate almost doubled and went from 20% to 39%. The increase in the completion rate in the most problematic steps of the workflow was especially amazing.

Marco Schnorbus, Product Owner, co2online

“Dramatic increase in client inquiries”

Our website used to have very little traction – almost all of our leads came through other channels. When Gill rewrote our copy, this changed dramatically. Now we get inquiries through our website all the time. Some of our prospects even comment in their email that browsing our website makes them feel like we’re the only ones who really get their problems and what they need. Thank you, Gill!

Barbara Nägeli, Legal Advisor, Embark.Law


“The” Website Content Checklist

website content-checklist

Not sure what to put on your homepage? Tired of rewriting your About page? Agonizing over your Services?

Use this website content checklist to easily fill the main pages of your website with relevant content your audience will love:

  • 9 most important areas of your website
  • 200+ checkpoints
  • snackable format


Website visitors ignoring your offers? Prospects not recognizing your skills?

Let me help.

Hi. I’m Gill Andrews, a conversion copywriter and web consultant who turns underperforming small business websites into slick lead-generating machines.

I uncover the issues with your copy, web design or user experience and give you a clear roadmap to a better website that shows you how to fix the issues that are holding you back.

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Professional website critique

Website Critique

Your website isn’t driving enough business? Find out what’s holding you back and how to make your website convert better.

Copywriting and copy critique

Copywriting & Copy Critique

Want to make your offers irresistible? I write conversion-optimized copy for small and medium brands, digital agencies and online stores.

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