20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Small Business

20 Common Website Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Small Business

I sent a survey to my subscribers a couple of weeks ago. In the last question I asked: “What are your main struggles with your website?” It was a multiple choice question, and among the usual options (getting traffic to your website, growing loyal audience, etc.) I added this option just for fun: “I generally […]

Website Checklist 2017 [+ Free PDF]

Ultimate Website Checklist 2017: All Components of a Successful Website at One Glance [+ Free PDF]

The most useful & most beautiful website checklist I’ve ever seen [Free PDF]: https://t.co/UrpSZIsKjy via @StoriesWithGill pic.twitter.com/3vXhguSZbj — Henneke Duistermaat (@HennekeD) June 14, 2017 Ultimate Website Checklist: All Components of a Successful #Website at One Glance [+ Free PDF] https://t.co/HDN9uW6QKx by @StoriesWithGill pic.twitter.com/Qc9a2knPvY — SEMrush (@semrush) April 20, 2017 Caresse Crosby couldn’t fit her bust […]

Review Your Website Like a Pro: Free Tools & Resources

Can’t afford a professional website review? No problem! These free tools & resources will help you review your website like a pro. Quick Navigation Ultimate website checklist: Good old PDF with checkboxes. Interactive website checklist: An interactive mind map. Video tutorials. Hand-picked articles worth your time. Ultimate Website Checklist This is probably the most complete […]

Interactive website review checklist

Interactive Website Review Checklist for Solopreneurs & Small Businesses

Have you ever used a website review checklist? Between us: I’m not a fan. They manage to be overwhelming and incomplete at the same time. And the worst thing of all is that they are just collections of single tips with no strategy behind. Yet, a checklist is a great tool to find out how […]

Professional website review: Make your business website (finally) work for you. Main problems of your website + ways to fix them

Professional Website Review

Professional Website Review Adding new things to your website when it has major issues is like repainting your car when it has a flat tire. This thing won’t drive before you fix what’s broken, no matter how pretty it looks. Gill Andrews, Content Creator & Web Consultant I now get more client inquiries Alexandra, buurtaal.de […]